YouTube Monetization Watchtime [Enter Channel Link][24-96H start][60m+ video duration]
$ 75.00 / 1000

YouTube Monetization Watchtime [Enter Channel Link][24-96H start][60m+ video duration]

$ 75.00 / 1000

Example link

Start time



1 000


5 000






30 days


No politics content
You should provide a channel link only and do not use any 3rd party views until your order is fully delivered (and refilled, if needed). Make sure your channel has at least one public video with 60 minutes duration or longer. After the order completion videos that received watch time should remain public, otherwise gained monetization watch time will be lost and we won't be able to refill it.
The more long videos you have, the faster it works.


To get monetization, your subscribers' count should be one thousand and stable, and then you can start to increase watch time statistics. It's better to do it in one order, that is place an order for the missing number of watch hours at one go. In such a case there are more chances to get monetization approval from YouTube on the first try.
Watch Time can be sent to any video on the channel.
Channel's monetization watch time is updated 48h after the order completion.
Please note, that mixing watch time views with other views, placing multiply orders with the same link before the previous order was completed makes it impossible to refill them!
To refill watch time orders, we need a screenshot from the YouTube studio analytics page showing the amount of watch time earned from the day ordered till today, containing the browser address bar with the channel URL.

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